Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our blankets can be purchased as is. If you are looking to develop a unique product of your own, this section should help answer some of the more common questions you may have. If you have any further question or are ready to request a quote please do so here. 


Is there a minimum number of custom blankets I can order?
We typically require a minimum of 12 blankets. We can provide blankets in lesser quantities, however, there are additional set up fees. 


How many colors can Custom Made Comfort products have?
Our blankets can be knitted with up to 6 colors. Our Pillows can be knitted with up to 4 colors. Our scarfs can be knitted with up to 3 colors. 

What colors are available?
Here is a PDF outlining our standard palette of colors. Additional colors may be available, and we can work with you to get the color you are looking for. 


What logos can be knitted into my blanket?
We can knit almost any logo into your blanket as long as it is or can be limited to 6 colors. Many logos have copyright and trademark restrictions, you must have permission to use the logo. 

Wholesale / Retail

Can I resell a custom blanket I order from Custom Made Comfort?
Yes! Custom Made Comfort is both a retailer of our own and licensed designs as well as a wholesaler to the retail market. 

Is Custom Made Comfort a licensed supplier to the College Market?
Yes. We are licensed with multiple licensing companies for the collegiate market 

Blanket Weights

How heavy is your product?
Our blankets are about 4 pounds in weight.