We'd like to share some comments from our customers.

Good morning Tony,

   I am the Malvern mom who had the issue with the split wrap (the seam starting to come apart at the v in the back).  I have purchased several of the items you supply to Malvern and love all of them.  Frankly, I did not think I could be more impressed by your company … until Nancy told me your response when she contacted you. I assumed I would be given a replacement, which I was planning  to take to a tailor to have the seam reinforced.  The fact that you are doing that to all the wraps is a level of customer service I rarely encounter these days.  I just wanted to reach out personally and tell you how impressed and appreciative I am – I will gladly recommend your business to anyone who is looking for a unique Christmas gift for someone special.  I hope you and our family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Tony and Janis,

Thank you.  The blanket arrived - I love it.  Looks great, feels great.  You do great work!  And love the scarf too, thank you kindly for including that, I appreciate it.  Very kind of you.  Thanks again, I will definitely recommend you to friends!
best wishes,
Dear Tony,
Thanks so much for checking.  All caps is fine but there is no hyphen in his name.   As an aside, One of the U Penn Football & Track parents had one of your blankets at the Ivy League Track & Field Championship meet this weekend and it's gorgeous.  You guys do beautiful work and I'm sure my son will love his blanket.  At least one passer-by stopped  to tell her that they loved the blanket as well and planned to order one.
Thanks for doing such quality work.  It's greatly appreciated.