Custom Made Comfort

Welcome to the world of "Premium Products for Premier Accounts", created by you and Custom Made Comfort!

Our family-owned business uses your logo and our thirty five years of industry expertise to knit beautifully crafted textiles. Our premium products include blankets, pillows, scarves, and other unique collectibles. Our clients include golf and country clubsacademic institutions, retail locations, corporations, private individuals, hotels and resort destinations. 

We combine natural cotton and regenerated colored cotton to create an "earth-friendly" product while being made in the United States, machine washable and dryer safe. Our heirloom quality products can be offered  with a low minimum order. We offer quick turn-around times.

Check our web store for some of our ready-to-order products or request a quote. We have used our creative skills and manufacturing process to create unforgettable custom gifts for many golf clubs, academic institutions, and commemorative gifts for corporate events.